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Winter Seeding

January 5, 2019

Winter production - it's become my favorite aspect of farming in New England. The rest of the year can be an intense exercise in adding efficiencies and increasing yields, but not so much in winter, at least not for us. At Arrowhead we look at winter as time to operate at a smaller scale, at a scale geared more toward additional revenue while continuing to support our members and customers who prefer to eat locally grown food from farmers they know, year-round.



Today we began seeding the #7 greenhouse with wheat grass and broccoli rabe for mid-winter harvest. Leaving tractors and implements in the barn, we instead pushed our little 3-row seeder up and down raised beds on the greenhouse floor. No roar of an engine. No diesel fuel burned and no worry of getting the job done as quickly as possible. Instead we took our time to enjoy the work and to be grateful for the lives we live.


When I was a boy, early winter meant time to unwind and recover from a tiring season. It still means that, I suppose, just in a different sort of way.




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