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Justin Chase is the twelfth-generation at Arrowhead. His favorite crops are those that epitomize the season in which they’re harvested: pea tendrils in spring; strawberries and rhubarb in early summer; stone fruit and tomatoes later on, and then pork and apples, leeks and squash in the fall. But beets are his favorite of all, because they’re loaded with sugar and they taste of the soil in which they’re grown more than any other vegetable on Earth.

Justin is a proud member The New England Farmers Union and an advocate for The National Farmers Union. He regularly advocates on Beacon Hill and Capitol Hill with policy work focusing on local food systems, government nutrition programs, and farmer support programs.

He holds an undergraduate degree in biology and an MBA from Bentley University. He’s also a produce safety trainer for Cornell University PSA, and Farmer Training Program Manager for Tufts University's New Entry Sustainable Farming Project. Justin presently sits on various advisory councils for non-profit organizations, state universities, and the United States Department of Agriculture.

Jamie Chase recalls growing up only a mile down the road from Arrowhead Farm. "It's always been a part of my life," she says with a reflective sort of smile. Today she manages the farm's retail markets and maintains open communication between the farm and regular customers. Her favorite crops are heirloom tomatoes in summer, Tokyo bekana in late fall, and baby kale throughout winter. She also loves fresh eggs, although the chickens drive her crazy.

Jamie has a background in finance, holds an undergraduate degree in management, and a master's degree in organizational psychology. She's spent a lifetime working in food systems, including production, wholesale distribution, and retail. Jamie also spends much of her time providing food to families and communities that might otherwise go without.

D.J. Chase is the thirteenth-generation at Arrowhead. He enjoys working with his family at farmers markets, and advocating for state and federal food access programs. He's pictured here on Capitol Hill in Washington D.C. while advocating for a strong Farm Bill in spring 2018.

D.J.'s favorite crops are pea shoots in winter, strawberries in spring and summer, and Ginger Gold apples in late August.